Design Awareness Programme

The design awareness programme will be aimed to generate design awareness within the MSME members with cluster centric design information and participatory workshop for better understanding the role and benefits of design in industrial context of cluster. 

To generate more insights relating to cluster units, products, operations and market and deliver contextual design diagnosis and remedies the workshop is divided in 2 segments.

– Need Assessment Survey
– Design Clinic Workshop

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The fund allotted to one cluster for design awareness programme is up to Rs. 4,00,000/- out of which 25% (up to Rs. 1,00,000) will be contributed by organizing association through collection or member’s fund. The design awareness programme is arranged in following two activities for collection of design information and design clinic activity.


Objective and Procedure for conducting Design Awareness Programme [Need Assessment Survey (NAS) & Design Clinic Workshop]

The design Clinic Programme will help in identifying the opportunity areas and develop future based design interventions. The design process facilitate the diagnosis of interrelated and interdependent systems problems and help derive the context based creative and innovative solutions.